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What You Need To Know About Creating A Will

While it can be hard to think about, having a will in place is essential for making sure your family is taken care of after you are gone. The Payne Law Office, Chartered, can help you make the important decisions about how your assets are distributed. Our job is to represent your best interests by answering all of your questions and guiding you through the legal process.

Helping You Make Important Decisions

Wills are unique to each individual. Online forms allow you to create a generic will from a one size fits all document that does not account for the unique property and assets in your possession. That is why it is important that you sit down with a knowledgeable attorney to make sure your assets will be managed as you want them to be. It allows you to have control over how your property will be distributed after your death. Without a will in place, these decisions will be left up to the court. State laws will take precedent and could leave your family with less than they deserve. While it is not required that you have an attorney create your will, it is the smartest move you can make in order to protect what is most important.

A will can also explain what kind of medical and life support efforts should be used should you become incapacitated. If you have children, you can use your will to name a guardian of your choice to watch over your kids if you should pass away while your children are still minors. A will also allows you to name an executor rather than having one appointed by the court. An executor is a person who manages the probate process after you pass away. We understand the gravity of these decisions, and we know how difficult it can be. Our goal is to give you peace of mind so that your wishes will be met after you pass away.

Call Today To Get Started

Whether you are creating a will for the first time or need to make revisions, we can help. Don’t wait until it is too late. Call our office in Schaumburg to schedule a consultation at 773-897-5803 today. You can also fill out our contact form online.