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Comprehensive Estate Planning & Probate Representation

Planning ahead for the future can avoid confusion, disputes and heartache for your family later on if you should become incapacitated or pass away. No matter the size your estate, having a detailed estate plan is in your best interest and can accurately capture your true wishes and intentions. It is also critical to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side, who can present options to you and help you craft a plan that fits your needs.

At The Payne Law Office, Chartered, we are here to provide sound counsel when it comes to helping you draft and execute an estate plan and navigate the probate process. We believe in being detailed when it comes to looking at your situation, and we believe that personalized service is the key to effective representation.

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We Are With You Each Step Of The Way

The bulk of our estate planning practice is helping everyday people with their simple estates. From drafting wills, trusts, living wills, and living trusts to powers of attorney for health care purposes, powers of attorney for property, health care directives and HIPAA releases, we can help you make sure that your wishes are clearly articulated for the future.

Our Chicago estate planning lawyer can also help you learn about how to protect assets and avoid them passing through the probate process by using trusts, especially living trusts. Trusts can also be a useful way to make assets available to a beneficiary right away during your lifetime or once you pass away, rather than having someone wait for a period of time, typically six months, like a will requires before they can take possession of an asset. Additionally, trusts can be used for tax planning purposes.

We are also here to counsel you about the estate tax and the exemptions that are currently available. Regardless of whether the estate tax is reinstated or abolished altogether, it is important to make sure your assets go to whom you wish them to, whether it be a relative, a friend, a charity, an organization or a university. Without an estate plan, your estate may be subject to the laws of intestate succession in Illinois and this may result in your property or assets going to places and people you don’t want them to go.

More importantly, when the time comes for your estate to be probated, we can handle that legal process as well. We routinely handle supervised and unsupervised probate cases. We will make sure your wishes are carried out and that the process runs smoothly and efficiently for your family. We also handle adult disabled guardianships as needed.

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