Matthew S. Payne is a Schaumburg-based attorney with a 20-year record of success in estate planning.

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Probate: An Overview

After a loved one passes away, the legal processes involved in settling an estate can be overwhelming. When you are grieving at the same time, it can make things even more complex. This where The Payne Law Office, Chartered, steps in. We work with clients throughout Illinois to help them navigate the probate process during this trying time.

What You Should Know

As the executor of your loved one’s will, you have a lot of responsibility. Understandably, this can be intimidating and overwhelming even if you have done it before. Our firm can help you avoid pitfalls and setbacks and minimize the chances of litigation or a contested will. In cases where litigation cannot be avoided, we have the skills and experience needed to represent you in court. Simply put, no matter where probate takes you, we are here to see you through it.

A basic definition of probate is the process by which a person’s assets are distributed upon their death. As an executor, your job is to gather all property and pay off the remaining debts. It is possible to do this on your own, but you could end up making mistakes that can delay probate and hold things up. As your representative, we aim to make this process as efficient as possible. Whether it is answering your questions or helping you file the appropriate paperwork, we are here from beginning to end.

Don’t Wait; Call Today

The legal system can move fast and having a skilled attorney by your side is the smartest move you can make. Call our office in Schaumburg to schedule a consultation today at 773-897-5803. You can also fill out our contact form online by clicking here.