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A Mechanics Lien is a vital tool created to protect the rights and interests of contractors and subcontractors who provide labor and/or materials to both new construction and existing projects. If you are a contractor or subcontractor and have not been paid for your services, you may be able to enforce a mechanics' lien and collect payment. However, the prerequisites, particularly the notice requirements for a valid and enforceable mechanics' lien are strict. You must adhere to the letter of the law, because as a statutory creation, the requirements must be followed precisely, or your lien may be unenforceable and you may be left unable to collect money for the labor and/or materials you provided. You want and need an experienced attorney - one with extensive experience in construction litigation and construction law - to help you throughout the process, from the time you file the initial lien through any efforts to collect under it, including litigation.

Do not lose your rights and protections to be paid for your materials and your labor. You have the right to a Mechanics Lien under the law. At The Payne Law Office, Chartered, we can help you properly enforce the laws and protections afforded you so that you do not lose money, Contact The Payne Law Office, Chartered, today.

At The Payne Law Office, Chartered, we provide knowledgeable and experienced counsel in all matters involving mechanics' liens. When you hire us, we dedicate our full attention to every aspect of your claim. We are committed to providing a high level of personal attention and service, responding promptly to all you calls or e-mails.

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Representing contractors and subcontractors in perfecting, enforcing and collecting under a Mechanics Lien is something our attorneys excel in. We can assist you with the following aspects of Mechanics Liens:

  • Notice requirements, including 60 and 90 day notices for subcontractors
  • Filing requirements
  • Proper drafting of a Mechanics Lien
  • Rights of General Contractors
  • Rights of Subcontractors
  • Foreclosure of Mechanics Liens
  • Construction litigation
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Landlord-Tenant

Helping You Protect Your Rights under a Mechanics' Lien

A mechanics' lien can be a highly effective tool when used to protect contractor's or sub-contractor's rights, especially when you have provided materials and/or labor to a new or existing construction site. However, the pertinent laws involved with establishing a valid and enforceable mechanics' lien are complex and rigid. If you fail to comply with the applicable law, you may not be able to enforce your lien or collect payment.

We provide comprehensive counsel to general contractors and subcontractors regarding the preparation, filing and enforcement of mechanics' liens. We have helped many clients successfully file and perfect mechanics' liens, and use those liens to recover compensation for work done or materials provided.

We work with many contractors and subcontractors before a project begins, helping make certain that the proper notices are provided to homeowners or others, including:

  • The 60 day notice (from the date work begins for subcontractors), for the type, amount and cost of work.
  • The 90 day notice of completion of work (for subcontractors), for the amount owed as of completion.

We will also see that your lien is properly recorded within 4 months of the completion of work, so that you receive proper priority in any claims against the property owner, the general contractor (if you are a subcontractor), or the owner's lender.

It is crucial that you follow the notice and filing requirements under the Mechanics Lien laws. These are critical elements, essential to your ability to protect your rights and collect under a Mechanics Lien. If you believe your property rights are at risk, do not delay. Contact a Mechanics Lien attorney today.

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